Spiritual Magic

Shamans, practicers of spiritual magic, bind spirits of nature to do their will. There are multiple types of spirits, based on the terrain in which one binds them. Different types of spirits have different effects on their shamans. At first, a shaman’s personality changes subtly, certain emotions overpower others little by little; after years of using spiritual magic, s/he changes physically—hair may become green from using grassland magic, skin make turn grey from using mountain magic, the shaman’s body type may change, becoming bulkier or slimmer.

Desert Spirits

Traditional focus: glass

Desert spirits are about acceleration of natural processes, such as healing or movement. Shamans who’ve bonded desert spirits become short-tempered, lustful, angry and proud. Eventually they become taller, thinner, and their hair turns red or orange.

Mountain Spirits

Traditional focus: stone

Mountain spirits are about deceleration, logic and numbing the caster to pain. Shamans who’ve bonded mountain spirits become detached, cool and logical. Eventually they become wider, taller, paler—their skin and hair turns grey.

Ocean Spirits

Traditional focus: seashell

Ocean spirits are about death, darkness and disease, as well as emotional manipulation. Shamans who’ve bonded ocean spirits become brooding, secretive and untrusting. Eventually they become gaunt, pale, almost corpselike, their hair and skin gets bluish.

Grassland Spirits

Traditional focus: dried grass

Grassland spirits are about adaptability, accuracy and illusion. Shamans who’ve bonded grassland spirits become distracted, sociable, curious, flighty and impulsive. Eventually they become thinner, shorter, their hair turns light-green or yellow.

Forest Spirits

Traditional focus: wood

Forest spirits are about sturdiness, life and healing. Shamans who’ve bonded forest spirits become stubborn, loyal and dependable. Eventually they become broader, taller, darker-skinned and their hair turns brown or green.

Spiritual Magic

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